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         These letters were written by our association members in regards to budget controversies. Letters will be posted here with the author's permission. If you would like to write submit your own letter, or have queries please email us at whta2014@gmail.com.

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2015 — Does The West Hartford Recycling Program Lose $1 Million A Year?

2014 — Financial Management

2014 — The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg

2014 — Town Council Speech at Budget Hearing

2013 — Robert H. Gross

Letter to the Members
March 2016
Letter to the Town Council and BOE
March 2016
Why and Why Not: Property Tax Concerns
April 21, 2011 — George Kennedy
Why and Why Not: Property Tax Concerns
April 21, 2011 — George Kennedy
Council Needs to Act
April 07, 2011 — Robert Goodman
Who has not been Practical and failed to Act in Time?
March 19, 2011 — Bob Gross, Ted Madfis, Sandra Brook
Town Officials Doing Nothing to Help Save Town Money
November 18, 2010 — Elliot Check
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